3600 Claremont Street | Baltimore, MD 21224
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Our Lady of Pompei Catholic Church

A Highlandtown parish since 1923

Our Lady of Pompei Church
3600 Claremont Avenue

Baltimore, Maryland 21224

Parish Office: 410-675-7790
Fax Number: 410-563-9067

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Parish Office Hours
Monday: 12PM-4:00 PM
Tuesday: 9AM-12:30PM
Wednesday: 12PM-4:00 PM

Thursday: 8PM-9PM
Saturday: 9AM-12:30PM & 8PM-9PM

Sunday: 10AM-12PM & 1-2PM

​Parish Staff
Rev. Claudio Piccolo Longo, Pastor

Rev. Matteo Dal Bianco Montagna, Associate Pastor
​Rev. Giuliano Gargiulo, Former Administrator, In Residence,

   Assigned to Our Lady of Fatima
Mrs. Robin Novak, Accountant

Lay Leadership (volunteer capacity)
Mr. Milton Cisneros, Church Corporator
Mr. Joseph Di Seta, Finance Chair

Pastor of the Parish since 1923
Rev. Luigi Scialdone, C.M.
Rev. Giuseppe Tomaselli, C.M.
Rev. Roberto Petti, C.M.
Rev. Luigi Esposito, C.M. (1984-2018)
Rev. Giuliano Gargiulo, O.M.G (Administrator, 2018-2022)
Rev. Claudio Piccolong, O.M.G (2022 - present)