Completed projects

Rectory kitchen renovations     *     Outside railings     *     Roof repair above rectory     *     Music Room renovation     *     5 room renovation for Sunday School     *     Bathroom renovations for Sunday School     *     Partial bathroom renovations for Sunday School

current project

Our primary focus is to renovate and repair aspects of our aging infrastructure.  In particular, our property operates as a central plant, with one HVAC and plumbing source for our four buildings (Church, rectory, gym, and convent).  We are in the beginning stages of working with engineers to survey our property for recommendations on the best solutions to install individual systems for each building.  The work to follow will be major work, and so, our main need is monetary or in-kind donations for supplies and or services.  While some work will need to be done professionally, we expect some work can be done by volunteers.  Your giving of  time and talent will help greatly and be very much appreciated. 

How You can help

You can help Rebuild Our Lady of Pompei in many ways:

  1. Make a restricted donation and specify how you want the money to be used.  Restricted donations are kept 100% by the parish and are dedicated for the work specified.
  2. Donate your time and talents and help volunteer with construction, plumbing, or painting.  Donate your services if you own a business or know someone who does construction work.  Make in-kind donations (eg. supplies). 
  3. Use envelopes marked "Building Fund" in the back of the church and drop it in a collection basket.  Or increase your offering to your monthly Building Fund envelope.  Money collected for the Building Fund goes directly to improving repairs to our church property. 
  4. Donate online to our Rebuilding Pompei campaign (two life long parishioners started this online campaign to help with our rebuilding efforts). All donations are sent to Our Lady of Pompei directly.
  5. Volunteer and get involved with one our ministries!
  6. Give the gift of continual support - register with the parish, attend Mass, and get involved.

For the physical portion of our rebuilding campaign, we are seeking financial support to our Building Fund to assist with supplies and tools needed for repairs and renovations.  We also are seeking labor support to minimize paid contractors.   if you are handy, have design ideas, or like to paint, we could use your talents and assistance in our renovations.  If you know of a company who would like to donate time or materials, please reach out to us on Facebook or contact the parish office.

For our faith community rebuilding, helping us achieve this goal could not be easier.  Simply join our parish and experience the positive impacts of being part of and serving in our faith community!

We thank you for your continued generosity and support!


Our Lady of Pompei Catholic Church

Repairs and renovations of the church

South Conkling & Claremont Streets, Baltimore, Maryland

Serving God's people since 1923

Our Lady of Pompei Feast day procession, October 1928.

Why are we rebuilding?

If we don't rebuild, we close our doors.  Our Lady of Pompei has been serving the Highlandtown community since 1923.  And Fr. Lou has lead the parish through multiple rebuilding phases.  In the past, we had to rebuild our community and our parish life as community demographics changed.  Now, Fr. Lou, along with Fr. Guiliano, and the Parish Council, is leading our faith community through its third rebuilding phase.  This phase is twofold.  First, because of the sale of the school building, we need to repair church property for everyday use and restore the aging intrastructure.  These renovations will give us the space for Sunday School classes, a music room for music ministry, and multi-purpose rooms for various parish activities.  Second, we need to rebuild our parish community, increase our faith formation, and develop activities and events that bond our parishioners and surrounding community, while contributing to our parish's finances.

Our hope is to once again fill the streets for our feast day procession!  Reflecting on this rebuilding phase, Fr. Lou comments that our parish is a tri-lingual parish - English, Italian, and Spanish.  In fact, our parish has really come full circle - founded to serve Italian immigrants, we continue in our missionary roots, by welcoming and serving Hispanic immigrants to our parish family.  And our Italian heritage remains strong as every priest who ministers to Pompei up to Fr. Guiliano, are Italian.