South Conkling & Claremont Streets, Baltimore, Maryland

A Highlandtown parish since 1923

Our Lady of Pompei Catholic Church

Repairs and renovations of the church

​Why are we rebuilding?

Our Lady of Pompei has been serving the Highlandtown community since 1923.  The long time pastor since 1984, Fr. Lou Esposito, has lead the parish through multiple pastoral and community rebuilding phases.  In the past, we had to rebuild our community and our parish life as community demographics changed.  In the early 2000s, Fr. Lou embraced the growing number of Lation immigrants in Highlandtown.  Fr. Lou partnered with Operation Mato Gross (OMG), an Italian led mission group in South American.  Fr. Luis Cremis, an Italian priest from mission, came to Our Lady of Pompei to help minister to immigrant Latino families.   

It is now time to rebuild physically the church and church property.  Rebuilding is necessary to keep the church and church property safe, modernized, and efficient.  Little has changed with the primary infrastructure and mechanics of the church property since its building in the 1920s and the subsequent additions such as the school.  

​Over the past three years, with some benefactor support, parishioner donations, and volunteer help, Our Lady of Pompei has completed some minor renovated projects (Completed Projects to the right).  

In August 2018, the Parish Council announced the start of the Rebuilding Pompei campaign.  It will be a multi-phase campaign over the next three to five years.  It will be no easy task to renovate such aging infrastructure, but we are confident that as a parish, we will all come together as we write the next chapters of our life at Our Lady of Pompei.  In October, about 20 volunteers from Italy will join Our Lady of Pompei to help with the rebuilding efforts.  

Our first parish goal is to raise $50,000 and our hope is to do so by the January 1, 2019.   The parishioners are not in this alone.   While Our Lady of Pompei will engage past benefactors, we also will receive support from our sister mission, Operation Mato Grosso and the Archdiocese of Baltimore for this project.   

Our hope is to once again fill the streets for our feast day procession!  Reflecting on this rebuilding phase, Fr. Lou had commented that our parish is the only tri-lingual parish - English, Italian, and Spanish.  And Fr. Giuliano, Italian himself, desires to keep the Italian heritage strong at Our Lady of Pompei.  The parish has really come full circle - founded to serve Italian immigrants, we continue in our missionary roots, by welcoming and serving Latino immigrants to our parish family.  And the Italian heritage remains strong as every priest, but a few, who has ministered at Pompei, have been Italian.


How You can help

- Make a donation directly to the Rebuilding Pompei Campaign.  
- Donate your time and talents and help volunteer with construction, plumbing, or painting.  Donate your services if you own a business or know someone who does construction and renovation work.  Make in-kind donations (eg. supplies). 
- Give to the second collection at each Mass which is designated as the Restoration and Maintenance collection.  Money collected from the Restoration and Maintenance collection goes directly to offset costs for repairs and renovations to the church property. 
- Volunteer and get involved with one our ministries!
- If you are not a parishioners and looking for a church home, we invite you to give the gift of continual support - register with the parish, attend Mass, and get involved.

We each have a story of how we came to this parish,  and how our lives change been changed by it.  The more we bring our hearts, souls, ideas, and energy to this community, the more of us who say "I'm in!", the bigger our parish's impact will be - on our lives, on the lives of others, and on the world.  

Whether you are a newcomer, a 10-year members, or a 50+ year members, think about what this church contributes to your life.  Think about what you want our future story to be.  Think about how a generous offering from you can help make  that future real. 

Completed projects

Rectory kitchen renovations     *     Outside railings     *     Minor roof repair above rectory     *     Music Room renovation     *     5 room renovation for Sunday School (original school rooms above the church)    *     Gym bathroom sink and toilet replacements

Rebuilding pompei - Phase 1

- Required safety repairs to the gym - fire alarm, up-to-date emergency doors, exit lights and signs.    

- First floor parish office renovations so that all parish staff is on the first floor.

- Efficient heating and AC replacement for the rectory and church.  There has been no AC since 2016 and the heating does not working consistently.