​Why are we rebuilding?

Little has changed in the infrastructure since the church's building back in 1923 and the gymnasium in the 1960s.   It is now time to rebuild the church property.  Rebuilding is necessary to keep the church and church property safe, modernized, and efficient.

In August 2018, the Parish Council announced the start of the Rebuilding Pompei campaign.  It will be a multi-phase campaign over the next three to five years.  It will be no easy task to renovate such aging infrastructure, but we are confident that as a parish, we will all come together as we write the next chapters of our life at Our Lady of Pompei.  In October 2018 and January 2019, young men and women from Italy joined our parish for three month intervals.  They are part of OMG volunteer groups, and came to Baltimore to help with renovation work. 

How are we rebuilding?

The first parish goal was to raise $50,000 by the January 1, 2019.   That was a lofty goal in a short amount of time, but the parishioners had tons of support.  Operazione Mato Gross committed to financial support Our Lady of Pompei with subsidies for major renovation cost.  The Archdiocese of Baltimore contributed a $100,000 grant for the first phase of renovation.

During this time, the second collection at each Mass is designated for renovation and maintenance.   Offerings from this collection will help defray the renovation costs. 


While property renovation is a key focus, Rebuilding Pompei is about much more.  Our Lady of Pompei is committed  to rebuild the church building, the faith community as one,  and the Italian heritage that built this church and  community.

The parish has really come full circle - founded to serve Italian immigrants, we continue in our missionary roots, by continuing to welcome and serve new immigrants.  Our Italian heritage remains strong as every priest, but a few, who has ministered at Our Lady of Pompei, have been Italian.


Who is rebuilding?

Young or old, long time or new member, school alumni or friend of the church - everyone connected to Our Lady of Pompei is helping to rebuild!  

How can you help?

- Make a donation directly to the Rebuilding Pompei Campaign, either monetary or in-kind.  To donate online, visit our GiveCentral page and contribute to the Restoration & Maintenance fund.
- Donate your time and talents, or donate your services if you own a business.
- Increase your offering a little to the second collection at each Mass which is designated as the Restoration and Maintenance collection.  Money collected from the Restoration and Maintenance collection goes directly to offset costs for repairs and renovations to the church property. 
- Volunteer and get involved with one our ministries!
- If you are not a parishioners and looking for a church home, we invite you to give the gift of continual support - register with the parish, attend Mass, and get involved.

We each have a story of how we came to this parish,  and how our lives change been changed by it.  The more we bring our hearts, souls, ideas, and energy to this community, the more of us who say "I'm in!", the bigger our parish's impact will be - on our lives, on the lives of others, and on the world.  

Whether you are a newcomer, a 10-year member, or a 50+ year member, think about what this church contributes to your life.  Think about what you want our future story to be.  Think about how a generous offering from you can help make  that future real.

Small Completed projects

Rectory kitchen renovations     *     Outside railings     *     Minor roof repair above rectory     *     Music Room renovation     *     5 room renovation for Sunday School (original school rooms above the church)    *     Gym bathroom sink and toilet replacements

Rebuilding pompei - Phase 1 (complete)

- Required safety repairs to the gym - fire alarm, up-to-date emergency doors, exit lights and signs.    This was required to continue Sunday School and other parish activities.

- First floor parish office renovations so that all parish staff is on the first floor.  This was required for efficiency and safety of staff.

Rebuilding pompei - Phase 2 (starting)

- Efficient heating and AC replacement for the rectory and church.

   There has been no AC since 2016 and the heating does not working


- Rectory renovations for residence of priests


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