A Highlandtown parish since 1923

Our Lady of Pompei Catholic Church



The Sacrament of Baptism can be celebrated during one of the weekend masses.  Private Baptisms should be scheduled with the priest.  Instruction is required for parents and godparents. If you have any questions or to setup up an appointment, contact the parish office at (410) 675-7790.


Engaged couples should contact the parish office at least 6 months before the intended date of marriage. Couples must participate in a re-marriage workshop.  The cost if $50.  Couples should provide certificates of Baptism and Confirmation.  Couples should not have any impediments such as a prior marriage with another person.  The donation for the Mass of Marriage is $250.  

​If you have any questions or to setup an appointment, please contact the parish office at (410) 675-7790.

Sunday School (catechism)

Sunday School is every Sunday, during the school year, at 10:50AM.  Children are expected to attend Mass with their parents before or after class.  To enroll, we require the Baptism certificate (if baptized) for the child/children to be enrolled.  Sacramental preparation for Holy  Communion and Confirmation are included in the School School classes.  Registration fees are $30 for your first child, $20 for your second child, and $10 for each addition child of a single family.   Registration can be completed at the parish office.  There is no registration on Sundays.  If you have any questions, please contact the parish office at (410) 675-7790.


RCIA is a Sacramental preparation program for adults  who have not received Baptism, Eucharist, and/or Confirmation. The program is also recommended for adults who have been away from the church and want to be reintegrated, or simply to know more about the Catholic faith. For more information, please contact the parish office at (410) 675-7790.