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Activies and Outreach

Youth GroUP (OMG)

Our  youth group consists of teenagers and young adults who volunteer their time to help those in need, ranging from painting, moving, or what whatever help is required.   The group also helps collect for our annual food drive to help the mission and people of South American.  The group is led by volunteers of Operation Mato Grosso who has been part of our parish since 2001.

Advent coat & Clothing Collection

From Thanksgiving through the third Sunday of Advent, parishioners donate new winter coats and winter clothing to benefit the preschool children at St Vincent De Paul preschools.  Coats and clothing are included in the Christmas gifts presented to the children.  The children attending St. Vincent de Paul are from low income families and some are facing homelessness.  This donation drive began with benefiting The Ark preschool which taught children facing homelessness.  The Ark joined with St. Vincent de Paul in 2017. 

Lenten Food Drive for South America

Our Lady of Pompei participates in a food drive to support the communities of South America supported by the missions operated by Operation Mato Grosso.  We ask parishioners to place one item in a basket each night when they share dinner, and then bring the basket of food to church each weekend.

Soup Kitchen

Our Lady of Pompei operated the Good Shepherd Soup Kitchen to serve our neighbors in need. The Soup Kitchen was open every Saturday from 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM. Several volunteers helped to prepare and serve meals on Saturday mornings.  

When you volunteer, you give a part of yourself to the community.  More importantly, when you volunteer, you, as an individual, learn more about yourself.  

There are many good ways, and reasons, to get involved in the Our Lady of Pompei Faith Community.  We invite you to review our committees and outreach programs (on this page).  Also, please review the various Liturgical Ministries that are a great way to be involved with parish life.

If you would like to volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Now form.

Volunteer now and make a positive impact on your life!



Parish Council

The Parish Council includes a group of parishioners, who in collaboration and consultation with the pastor and parish staff, accept responsibility for the life and the mission of the Church. The Council assists and advises the pastor in the  development of the parish through recommendations and active cooperation. The members of the Council act as representatives of the parish and and foster a spirit of volunteerism to promoting a greater sense of belonging. The Parish Council is composed of the pastor, the  pastoral staff, two members elected as trustees, members appointed by the pastor, members elected at-large, and representations from other committees.  Members of the faith community are encouraged to attend.  The Council meets each month on the third Thursday of the month. 


Finance CommitteE

The Finance Committee leads and guides the parish in the ways of Christian Stewardship.  Members of the committee work with the pastor and advises on ways to enrich and sustain our parish.  As faithful stewards, members are called to use, wisely and correctly, offerings and support given by the members of our Faith Community.

Liturgical committee

The Liturgical Committee of our parish to prepare and execute the liturgy celebration, music, and appropriate celebrations highlighting the Church's liturgical year.

activity committee

The Activity Committee of our parish to to develop and promote a program of activities and recreation for our Faith Community and those to whom our church ministers.

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